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Tanning Oil Packaging Design
Miami Glow

watermelon mock up.jpg



Miami Glow is a tanning oil company that has been created, selling three different scented tanning oils. Three packages were developed for each of the scented tanning oils. Each package could only contain two Pantone colors, using bright colors against bold graphics would ensure it stands out amongst competitors in the shopping aisle. Each package displays illustrations of figures laying and floating on different fruits indicative of each tanning oils scent. They were created to look at though they are floating and tanning in a pool, which is when consumers would most likely use the product. 

The first package is watermelon scented. Pink and yellow were used. Pink reflects the flesh of a watermelon, and yellow mimics the color of the sun, which is when the product would be used, on a hot sunny day. 

The second package is lime scented. Green and blue were use. Green has been used to help consumers identify the lime illustrations. Blue reminds people of the ocean and pools. Which again, is where consumers would lounge by when using the tanning oil.


The third package is coconut scented. Brown and orange were used for this one. Brown was used for consumers to identify the coconut illustrations, and orange to mimic the sun. 


An A5 folded sheet was also created, to fold into A6 size, perfectly fitting inside the package. On this folded sheet is a step-by-step guide of how to use the products.   

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