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By Mary Shelley

concertina fold out mock up.jpg



This publication reboot is about the famous gothic novel, Frankenstein, written by the author, Mary Shelley in the year 1816. Frankenstein is a book that explores both gothic horror and science fiction. 


An enclosure was created, featuring 3 different elements inside. Including a 6-page concertina foldout, a letter, and a bookmark.  

The enclosure is an envelope that can be folded open, featuring die cuts. The die-cut are outlines of mountains, that create depth and layer in the design, replicating the mountainous views seen in the swiss alps, in the story. The 6-page concertina fold-out presents chapter 5 of the Frankenstein novel. Featured alongside the writing are graphic illustrations, inspired by the scientific experimentation of the human body in that specific chapter. Additionally, the letter is from protagonist Victor Frankenstein's, cousin Elizabeth. The coffee stains and sketches were drawn over the letter to reflect Victor's endless sleepless nights of scientific experimentation. Lastly, the bookmark is about author Mary Shelley. Featuring a cartoon-like illustration of her, and stitching.    

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