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Publication Layout
Website Development 
Typographic EXploration
Photography Exploration

A Guide to Melbournes Finest Patisseries 2021


This publication design ‘Smells Good’ is a print guide publication that showcases Melbournes Finest Patisseries it has to offer.


The concept: What was explored here, was typographic layout and partnering this tool with imagery (Student Photography) as well as vector based shapes. This publication was paired with a working website that mimics the information and layout of the seen booklet. The places explored were Moon Crueller, Tivoli Bakery, Penny For Pound and Millstone. All included were their operating hours, the places vibe, one chosen favourite danish and a map to show the viewer where to go to find these delish treats.


The publication was carried out digitally via a website and print media. 

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