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Meet Milly our Head Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist!

Milly is a Graphic designer, with expertise in branding and a deep knowledge in marketing, helping to guide her at every stage in the design process.

Earning a double Bachelors's degree in Marketing and Design, Milly can make aesthetic marketing graphics and strategic campaign solutions to drive results.  


Milly enjoys creating contemporary and bold designs with a passion for sustainability and social responsibility. 

Milly is driven to become a prominent brander in the graphic design industry, as branding is integral to a businesses success. She will promote companies through campaigns and visuals, ensuring they are unique and stand out amongst competitors. Guaranteeing they are memorable with their new branding identity. She is personable and enjoys collaborating one on one with clients, to bring their ideas to life. Having previously worked with smaller companies, she has helped them successfully reach their branding objectives.


From Logos to packaging design, to social media templates and content creation, Milly's avant-garde way of thinking is what will make your brand stand out.


Website Design, Wireframing,
Branding, Illustration, Publication Design, Graphic Design.

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Publication Design

Web Design


Graphic /  DIgital Design


Media & Scheduling Platforms 

Adobe UX/UI Design

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

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