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Packaging Design

Opps! Band-aid / Healing Strip Packaging

Graphic Design 

Digital Design

Packaging Design



Oopps! Healing strips are designed for the target audience of 16 – 34-year-olds who are outgoing, interested in the outdoors, creativity and busy leading an adventurous lifestyle. This audience often shops at surf and skate stores are interested in bright and creative designs and are looking for wound care that is vibrant and cheerful. Concerned with the environment they are interested in recyclable packaging with natural ingredients such as Aloe-Vera. 

The packages developed all utalise contrast to produce a bold and eye-catching design. Complementary colours are used in the Regular and Large packs to stand/pop out. The characters in the design all are comical in their approach. Connected by pop art style in the dotted shadowing behind the main figure the three packs can remain unique and harmonious. Healing strips and their strip sizes are further depicted in the packaging designs by the illustrated healing strip artworks. 


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